You have typically five business days from contract acceptance to complete your home inspection.  Your home inspector will look over your new home from the basement to the roof.  They are looking for material defects in the home.  They are also looking for any warning signs the home may be showing for future problems.  An example of this is a stained ceiling that may be a sign of a roof leak or plumbing problem.  The home inspector will also be marking items that are not a defect, but are typical maintenance items that your home needs on an ongoing basis, such as caulking around a window.  It is recommended for you to accompany your home inspector during the inspection.  Plan on anywhere from one to two hours depending on the size of your home for the inspection.


The following is a list of Home Inspectors that we have used in the past and are all certified by ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors):



Amerispec Home Inspectors               630-260-1211


Castle Home Inspection                       630-462-1050


Home Buyers Inspection Services      630-357-0903


Speaker of the House                           800-390-0018


White Glove Home Inspectors            630-495-4555