Marketing Plan Of Action

My Team’s Objectives Are:

1. To get as many serious "ready to buy now" buyers into your home as possible until we get it sold.
2. If your home was listed and failed to sell, figure out exactly what has to happen to get it sold in the next 3-6 weeks.
3. To communicate with you the results of our activities.
4. To negotiate for you, to work to get the highest possible price for your home.
5. To prospect daily to find prospective qualified buyers for your home.
6. To use passive and active marketing best suited to our objective.

A. Passive Marketing (Things We Do, But Don't Count On)
1. Multiple Listing Service (computer)
2. Classified Advertising (when necessary)
3. Sign In The Yard
4. Broker & Public Open Houses (when necessary)

B. Active Marketing (Activities That Get Homes Sold)
1. Price the home competitively to get the job done.
2. Promote your home to other area brokers for maximum exposure to the other agents in our area.
3. Printout and disclosure forms to be placed in your home for cooperating agents and potential buyers.
4. Suggest and advise you how to stage your home for maximum appeal to a large range of potential buyers.
5. Constantly update you as to changes in our market place.
6. Telemarket every day 2-4 hours minimum for buyers. Specifically call 100 people in your area and move-up areas to tell them about your home.
7. Call "For Sale by Owners" and expired listings daily to see if they may be interested in your home when their home sells.
8. Submit your listing to Re/Max agents for exposure to their waiting buyers.
9. Resubmit your home monthly to top agents in our market place.
10. Direct mail information about your listing to potential move-up buyers
11. Direct mail your listing to all of our teams' past clients for exposure to their friends, neighbors and relatives.
12. Explore all financing options to broaden potential buyer base.
13. Prequalify and review all contracts and buyer information prior to all contract presentations.
14. Represent you upon the presentation of all contracts and negotiate the best possible price and terms for you.
15. After the contract has been accepted, handle all follow-up and keep you informed on all mortgage, title, survey, appraisal and other necessary closing procedures.